Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great New PodCasts: Photography and Media

Leo Laporte, the host of some of my favorite podcasts, recently went on a photo-safari to Tasmania. During his trip, his podcasts net@night and This Week in Tech were on hiatus. In my search for fresh commuter podcast material, I stumbled across several excellent podcasts.

This Week in Photography is a great program that highlights recent developments in photography (of course) and photo-related software, like PhotoShop, Lightroom, and Aperture. Ironically, Leo was a guest of TWiP upon his return from Tasmania, and mentioned some great sites during that show. First, XYZ Adventures has a fantastic photo-gallery of the trip. Luminous Landscapes is another awesome site, with superb photo tutorials.

This Week in Media is another very worthwhile show. A recent episode mentions Tim Robbins' keynote at the National Association of Broadcasters annual show in Las Vegas. Robbins lets loose on the NAB during his keynote. The organizers shut off video of the event, but the audio made it out, and it is worth a listen. Essentially, he calls out American Broadcasters on the abysmal state of programming and goads them to fix it. It is timely and well deserved feedback for the bottom feeders in the TV industry today, and he gets quite a few nervous laughs from the audience. We'll see if his comments have any long-lasting impact. I hope so.

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